Still Sending Paper Checks? 

Digital Checks For The Modern Recipient 

Businesses of all sizes, from enterprises and governments to individuals and small businesses, are using Checkbook to instantly send payments to recipients nationwide! Rather than writing paper checks, you can now send your recipients digital payments that they can deposit in 6 different ways at their discretion! 


Full Spectrum Disbursements 

SMS & Email payments

Recipients do not need to create an account! They simply just need an email or mobile phone to receive payments

Instant payments

Recipients can instantly cash out their payment to their debit card anytime in seconds!

Same day ACH

Recipients no longer have to wait multiple days for a traditional ACH or direct deposit payment!

Real time payments

Instantaneous bank to bank payments!

Direct deposit

Same day or next day, recipients won't need to take any action to receive their funds

Print and deposit

Your recipients can print out their check and snap a photo on their mobile banking application or physically deposit it at the bank!

Virtual credit cards

Your recipients can choose to load their payment onto a virtual credit card and either add it to their mobile wallet or cut & paste it at checkout!

White label & marketplace

Own your own payment experience! By using Checkbook's cloud dashboard, not only can you customize the look & feel of each payment journey to match your brand identity but you can also embed Checkbook's platform into your solution!

Are You Sending 10+ Payments? 

Talk with our sales team about enterprise pricing! We offer customized plans that suite your payment disbursement needs! 


Own It!

Add your company's touch to all of your digital payment communications! Recipients appreciate optionality and brand consistency, especially when it pertains to receiving payments

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